The 400 engines are built with stock block, crank, rods, and 6X head castings. We select the correct block for your application( 2 or 3 bolt motor mount). They are assembled complete except for manifolds, distributor, valve covers, and water pump. They are painted Pontiac metallic blue unless you request otherwise. These engines make are excellent for both street & strip, they can be driven everyday and raced on the weekend. They will run premium unleaded(92-94 octane). Engine will have slight rough idle, but it will make enough vacuum to work your power brakes. Horsepower on the 400 engine is approximately 385hp.
    The engines all start with a fully prepped seasoned block that is bored and honed with a headplate, new cam bearings, freeze plugs, oil galley plugs, and dipstick tube are installed. The cranks are all ground undersize for correct bearing clearance. Rods are all resized and have ARP rod bolts installed. The complete assemblies are balanced and forged pistons are installed. Cylinder heads get bronze wall guides, a competition valve job, and are milled for 9.25:1 compression. Engines are all sold outright so there is no core charge.
    *Manual transmission will need to send the flywheel for balancing or we can supply you with a new steel wheel.


  1. Federal Mogul forged pistons

  2. Sealed Power moly rings

  3. Clevite rod and main bearings

  4. Performance cam

  5. Rhoads lifters

  6. Performance valve springs

  7. ARP rod bolts

  8. Melling 60lb oil pump/screen

  9. Stock steel gears and timing chain

  10. New stock pushrods

  11. New factory balancer

  12. Polylocks

  13. Cam bearings

  14. Freeze plugs

  15. Dipstick tube

  16. PCV grommet

  17. Automatic flywheel*

  18. Gasket set