The 400 short block is built using a stock block, crank, rods, and forged pistons. The blocks are fully prepped, bored and honed with a headplate, cam bearings, freeze plugs, and a oil dip stick tube installed. Cranks are all ground undersize, the rods are all re-sized, and have ARP bolts installed. Assemblies are all balanced and the short blocks are completely assembled.
    *Manual transmission will need to send the flywheel for balancing or we can supply you with a new steel wheel.


  1. Prepped 400 block

  2. Stock re-ground crank

  3. Stock re-sized rods

  4. ARP rod bolts

  5. Forged pistons

  6. Clevite bearings

  7. Plasma moly rings

  8. Cam bearing

  9. Freeze plugs

  10. Dipstick tube

  11. New Pontiac balancer

  12. Automatic flywheel*