The 455 short block is built using the Eagle crank, Eagle H-beam rods, and SRP or Ross pistons.The assemblys are balanced and assembled in a 400 block. The blocks, as with our complete engines are fully prepped. They are bored & honed with a headplate, cam bearings, freeze plugs, and a new oil dipstick tube is installed.
    *Manual transmission will need to send the flywheel for balancing or we can supply you with a new steel wheel.


  1. Prepped 400 block

  2. Eagle 4.250 stroke crank

  3. Eagle I-Beam 6.800 rods

  4. ESP or Ross Pistons

  5. Clevite H.P. bearings

  6. Plasma moly rings

  7. Cam bearings

  8. Freeze plugs

  9. Dipstick tube

  10. Automatic flywheel*

  11. Neopreme rear main seal